Talks & Speakers Announced

Posted by PyCascades Team on Dec. 21, 2020

The talks line-up is here 🎉. We're excited to announce the talks and speakers we've selected for PyCascades 2021, for the traditional talk track.

  • Miroslav Šedivý - Your Name is Invalid!
  • Jay Miller - Enhancing Civics Data with Elasticsearch, pandas and Eland
  • Seth Michael Larson - Shipping Breaking Changes as the Most Downloaded Python Package
  • Caito Scherr - What Do You Get When You Combine a Snake, A Bee, and A Squirrel? - Building a Data Pipeline with Python, Beam, and Flink
  • Rohit Sanjay & Matthew Seal - Unit Testing Jupyter Notebooks - testbook
  • Lacey Williams Henschel - What You Should Know About Django REST Framework
  • Piper Thunstrom - Making Games With PPB
  • laike9m - Let’s Rethink Debugging
  • Hugh Brown - Polaris: Open Source Machine Learning for Spacecraft Operations
  • Dawn Chandler, Jennifer Dai, and Doris Chang - Giving the Perfect Intro to Coding Python!

In more exciting news, we're announcing a new interactive track which will run parallel to the talks on Saturday. We'll announce the detailed program soon but you can expect interactive programs featuring Aaron Basset, Brian Okken, Michael Kennedy, Harry Parcival, Al Sweigart, Geek Mom Projects, and Guido Van Rossum.

We hope this is enough to get you super excited as well 🥳.

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