Worldwide Python Communities: Learn From Organizers in Africa, Indonesia, and South Korea

COVID has changed the landscape of in-person events, resulting in cancelled meetups, conferences, and workshops all over the world. Despite the cancellations, the Python community has continued to meet, grow, and learn together.

Join this interactive session to learn from community organizers based in three counties: Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and South Korea to hear about how COVID has impacted their communities, and what they’ve done to continue to foster a local Python community in spite of quarantines and cancellations.

About Marlene Mhangami

A Zimbabwean explorer, speaker and cucumber enthusiast based in the city of Harare. She is an advocate for using science and technology for social good and increasing diversity in these fields.

In 2017, she co-founded ZimboPy, a non-profit organisation that gives Zimbabwean young women access to resources in the field of technology. She is a director and vice-chair for the Python Software Foundation, and the chair of PyCon Africa. She is also currently interning as a Software Engineer with the Rapids team at Nvidia and is pursuing a computer science degree with the University of London.

About Dima M Dinama

I fell in love with Python at first sight.
After learning Python I joined and helped the Indonesian Python community with its annual event. I'm still learning a lot about what I can do with Python because I always getting something new to do.

After my first time joining the committee in PyCon ID 2019 I was chosen to be a Lead Organizer at PyCon Indonesia 2020. Managing a remote PyCon is not that easy but it's not really hard if you can have a good team.

About Younggun Kim

Younggun has been on the board of directors for the Python Software Foundation and is the founder of PyCon Korea. He's also been involved in PyCon APAC.

About Dan Mouris (Panel Host)

I'm a software developer at QuoteToMe, instructor at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), organizer with the Edmontonpy meetup, tech speaker on various topics and Cat enthusiast.

I love the python community worldwide and in my hometown of Edmonton, AB. I've found a lot of friends, learned plenty, and been supported in my growth both as a developer and a person in these communities.