Giving the Perfect Intro to Coding Python!

In this talk, we'll walk you through a tried and tested intro to coding workshop that you can use to teach others how to code, even if you're a beginner yourself. We've given this workshop in person and remotely, and now we want to share our lessons with you on how to run a successful workshop for people who've never touched code before. We'll also give you our slides to the workshop, so you can go forth and spread Python with ease!

About Dawn Chandler

Dawn (they/them) is a software engineer at Skip the Dishes and recovering serial intern. While they were at Simon Fraser University (SFU), they did 5 internships from frontend to backend and Microsoft to a startup. At SFU, they majored in Computer Science and Linguistics, were President of the Women in Computing Science (WiCS) for awhile, and were even named Woman of the Year 2019 for the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Dawn is no stranger to passing along knowledge. They've given workshops on interviewing, LinkedIn, and beginner programming, but PyCascades is their first conference talk.

About Jennifer Dai

Jennifer is a third-year Computing Science major at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, where she is the Co-President of Women in Computing Science (WiCS). She enjoys teaching programming to new coders because she believes that an accessible education in tech is the foundation of increasing diversity in this field. Jennifer was the Chair of try/CATCH 2020, a virtual conference for highschool girls to learn about programming. Last summer, Jennifer was a STEP intern at Google.

About Doris Chang

Doris is a second year CS student at Simon Fraser University. She is passionate about helping others learn to code. She taught Python to grade school students at her high school and hosted a workshop at the virtual try/CATCH 2020 conference for highschool girls.