Everything You Need to Know About Writing Technical Python Books by Authors Al Sweigart, April Speight, Harry Percival

Technical books are one of the most popular ways to learn and improve your Python skills. Join us in this interactive session as we hear from three popular authors about their experiences publishing a book from start to finish. We’ll be joined by Al Sweigart, who’s most popular book Automate the Boring Stuff with Python has been met with rave reviews, April Speight, author of Bite-Size Python and Harry Percival who authored Test Driven Development with Python. They’ll clue you in on what the process is like from start to finish, tips on how to get started if you’d like to write your own book, and warn you of unexpected pitfalls.

About Harry Percival

After an idyllic childhood spent playing with BASIC on French 8-bit computers like the Thomson T-07 whose keys go "boop" when you press them, Harry spent a few years being deeply unhappy as a management consultant. Soon he rediscovered his true geek nature, and was lucky enough to fall in with a bunch of XP fanatics, working on the pioneering but sadly defunct Resolver One spreadsheet. He spreads the gospel of TDD world-wide at talks, workshops and conferences, with all the passion and enthusiasm of a recent convert and has recently published a new book titled Architecture Patterns with Python.

About April Speight

April Speight is an author and developer advocate based in Beverly Hills, CA. She began her professional career in the luxury and fashion industry and later transitioned into tech as a project manager and systems analyst. In her spare time, she began to learn Python and created learning content in the form of YouTube videos and written tutorials. Her passion for learning and teaching Python led to her first published titled with Wiley, Bite Size Python: An Introduction to Python Programming. April specializes in chat bots and AI Assistants.

About Al Sweigart

Al Sweigart is the author of "Automate the Boring Things with Python", a practical introduction to programming with Python. He also recently published "Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python" which covers software development tools and best practices. He is the founder of Invent with Python, which you can find at inventwithpython.com.

About Ashia Zawaduk (Panel Host)

Ashia is a Lead Engineer at Muck Rack, she's also been involved in community organizing at PyCon Canada, EdmontonPy, and Dev Edmonton Society. She loves colliding ideas, tech communities, leadership, books, math, art, candy.