All About Podcasting: By the Hosts of Talk Python to Me, Test & Code

Listening to podcasts is a favorite activity for many. Have you ever wanted to learn more about some of your favorite technical podcasts? Join this interactive session to hear from popular podcast hosts Michael Kennedy (Talk Python to Me), Brian Okken (Test & Code). They’ll share how they got started, stories about notable guests, and maybe even some tips & tricks for starting your own podcast.

About Michael Kennedy

A Python and MongoDB enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. Host of the Talk Python To Me and cohost of Python Bytes, founder of Talk Python Training. Python Software Foundation Fellow.

About Brian Okken

Host of Test And Code and Python Bytes.

Author of "Python Testing with pytest".

Lead Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz USA

About Madison Swain-Bowden (Panel Host)

Madison is a data engineer out of Seattle and an avid Python user. She currently works at Ookla (, and has worked at and with the Allen Institute for Cell Science and the Broad Institute. In her spare time she can be found baking, building digital tools to help those battling oppression, contributing to open source, petting her cats, or playing video games.