The Team

PyCascades is organized by members of the Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland Python communities. Our goal is to host a diverse, accessible, and memorable conference.

Feel free to reach out to anyone of us with suggestions, concerns or even just to say that you're excited for PyCascades 2021.

Nina Zakharenko

Conference Chair

Nina is a Software Engineer with a passion for speaking and teaching, and over a decade of experience writing software for companies like Reddit, Meetup, and HBO. She currently focus on Python at Microsoft on the Cloud Developer Advocacy team.

In her spare time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and tinkering with wearable electronics from her home base in Portland, OR.

Sebastian Vetter

Conference Chair

Sebastian is an organizer of the Vancouver Python and Django groups, and a co-organizer of Vancouver Python Day. Seb has been a Vancouverite for almost three years now and loves it here. He is part of the local Python community as much as he loves the outdoor scene. He can’t wait to share the beauty of Vancouver with you all!

Britt Gresham

Volunteer Chair

Britt is a Release Engineer at CircleCI living in Portland. He has spent most of his career focusing on infrastructure automation and uses Python daily in his life. In his free time he enjoys cycling, board games, and cooking.

Tania Allard

Sprints Coordinator

Tania is a software engineer based in Manchester, UK. She's obsessed with all things data and automation - especially if they are combined! She is also a massive open source advocate and serial community builder.

Eliza Sarobhasa

Sponsorship Chair

Catherine Nelson

Speaker Coordinator

Ashia Zawaduk

Program Chair

Ashia is a senior Python developer, an organizer of PyCon CA & EdmontonPy, and the director of Dev Edmonton Society

Caito Scherr

Financial Aid Coordinator

Stargirl Flowers

Diversity Chair

Stargirl is a Python Software Foundation Fellow, a creator of Python-powered synthesizers, and an advocate for open source software and hardware.

Lorena Mesa

Communications Chair

Lorena is a tinkerer, explorer, martial artist, cat enthusiast, Trekkie, marathon runner, a "learn by doing"-er.

Eric Holscher


Eric is co-founder of Read the Docs and Write the Docs, a director of the Python Software Foundation, and a proud member of the Portland Python community.

Esti Shay


Esti is a PyLadies PDX event organizer and former PyCascades chair. She works as a software engineer for a nonprofit that is trying to save the world.