Unit Testing Jupyter Notebooks - testbook

Previous attempts at unit testing notebooks involved writing the tests in the notebook itself, which was faulty, difficult to read, and even more difficult to maintain. However, testbook allows for unit tests to be run against notebooks in separate test files, hence treating .ipynb files as .py files.

About Rohit Sanjay

Author and maintainer at testbook. Incoming Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs, Bengaluru, India. Final year electronics engineering undergraduate at MIT Manipal, Karnataka, India.

About Matthew Seal

Matthew is a co-founder and CTO of a startup called Noteable. Before Noteable Matthew worked with notebook and data integrations at Netflix. He's a core maintainer of many Jupyter and nteract projects such as papermill, and more recently testbook. His passions are reading, gaming, electronics, and more recently trying to teach his daughter her first words.